vrijdag 30 september 2011

New Starve songs recorded for split with Terzij de Horde

A quick update - we recorded three new songs for the upcoming Starve / Terzij de Horde split 12" that will be released by Badger Records later this year.

Quintijn Verhoef from Independent Recordings really did an excellent job with these songs and made us sound better than ever. We will post a preview once everything has been mixed and mastered.

donderdag 8 september 2011


After almost two-and-a-half months and two misprints, the correct sleeves for our 'Black Sludge, White Sludge' 7" finally arrived yesterday!

We will be sending out the pre-ordered 7"s after the weekend, because first we are hitting the German Autobahn to do two shows in Deutschland and hopefully flog some of these babies. Get in touch with BADGER RECORDS for wholesale orders and trades.

We also added a webshop, click on the link in the top right corner of this blog to order shirts, records and some distro items.