woensdag 14 december 2011

Starve have recorded a video for the song ‘Hard to Forget’, off the upcoming split 12” ‘A Chosen Hollow’ with Terzij de Horde. This 12” should see the cold light of day early in 2012 and will be released by Badger Records.

Check out the video, directed by Mike D. of Dead Area fame, here:

vrijdag 18 november 2011

Slugfest, Deutschland, Starve.

If you happen to find yourself in Eindhoven next week, wondering why the earth is shaking, it might just be from one of the bands playing at SLUGFEST in Dynamo.

We will be playing around 17:00, for more info CLICK HERE.
Be sure to check out the band on the other side of our upcoming split, TERZIJ DE HORDE, too. And Heavy motherfucking Lord. And new STARVE shirts, which will hopefully be ready in time for this fest.

Sadly, our show at the TAC in Eindhoven has been moved again to an as yet unconfirmed date, but with good reason. We could never compete with Pentagram playing the same town, on the same day. Instead of that, STARVE will flee the comforts of our own country and regroup in the city of N├╝rnberg, Germany for an evening of DOOM:

The day after that, we shall hit the Autobahn again together with Heavy Lord and journey to Antwerpen to blow some speakers there.

More news about the upcoming STARVE / TERZIJ DE HORDE split 12", a video and a possible releaseshow for that split coming ASAP.

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011


You can now stream or download the WS side of our Black Sludge, White Sludge 7" on the Starve Bandcamp page. Or you can just play it here.

The three new songs for the Starve / Terzij de Horde split 12" have been mastered so you can expect to hear something new pretty soon. The Terzij de Horde song will make your ears and eyes bleed while we kick you in the stomach and face. Strength in numbers, right?

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011


As mentioned in the previous post, Starve recorded some new songs. Here is a sneak preview of what to expect:

Also, we are playing a show with IZAH at the Little Devil in Tilburg this Friday. The website still says Manatees, but they cancelled their tour. Come and bang your head.

vrijdag 30 september 2011

New Starve songs recorded for split with Terzij de Horde

A quick update - we recorded three new songs for the upcoming Starve / Terzij de Horde split 12" that will be released by Badger Records later this year.

Quintijn Verhoef from Independent Recordings really did an excellent job with these songs and made us sound better than ever. We will post a preview once everything has been mixed and mastered.

donderdag 8 september 2011


After almost two-and-a-half months and two misprints, the correct sleeves for our 'Black Sludge, White Sludge' 7" finally arrived yesterday!

We will be sending out the pre-ordered 7"s after the weekend, because first we are hitting the German Autobahn to do two shows in Deutschland and hopefully flog some of these babies. Get in touch with BADGER RECORDS for wholesale orders and trades.

We also added a webshop, click on the link in the top right corner of this blog to order shirts, records and some distro items.

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Photos and delays

Check out some photos of our show last night with Oathbreaker:


Unfortunately, there have been some problems with the sleeve of our 'Black Sludge, White Sludge' 7" so it got delayed again. Hopefully everything will finally be ready for our show at the legendary Flinty's Punkfest in Haarlem.

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dinsdag 28 juni 2011

7" pre-order / new shirts / upcoming shows

Last night, Willem played his last show with us. We thank him for the years of his life he has given us and that he will never get back. Moloch and Thou were amazing and managed to make both the ground and the ceiling shake. Check them out on one of the few shows left on this tour.


Unfortunately, our 7" has been delayed at the pressing plant. We already made some special covers for Willem's last show, so we turned that into a pre-order and have a few left. If you are interested in a copy, drop us a line at ilovestarve@gmail.com . Postage rates have been rising like crazy so it is €6 ppd Netherlands / €7.50 ppd Europe / $14 ppd worldwide. If you order this, we will e-mail you a download code for both songs on the record.


We have new shirts, based on the cover artwork of our upcoming 7", and expressing our love for 70s music, movies and Pam Grier. They are €12 ppd Netherlands / €14 ppd Europe / $23 ppd worldwide.


Check out the showlist to the right, we have five upcoming shows. However, we are always looking for more shows. In particular, we are looking for someone who can help out with two shows in Germany and/or Poland on the 8th and 9th of September. We are aiming for somewhere in the middle of Germany on the 8th, and somewhere either in the south of Germany or not too far into Poland for the 9th. Hit us up if you can help out.

- JJ

woensdag 22 juni 2011


In five more days we will be attempting to level Utrecht with some sonic excess in distorted form.

We will be selling some new shirts, and hopefully our 'Black Sludge, White Sludge' 7" (which is at the pressing plant as I type this). More importantly though, this will be Willem's last show with Starve. Come say goodbye to an icon.

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Releases and band members


Our new 7” Black Sludge, White Sludge will be released on Badger records very soon. Hopefully the record will be on time for our show on the 27th of June at DBs, Utrecht with THOU and MOLOCH. This 7” will contain two songs.

After that, we will hit the studio at the end of the summer for a split 12” with TERZIJ DE HORDE, which will also be released by Badger Records.

We also recorded a song for the soundtrack of the Dutch zombie movie Il Campeggio dei Morti Viventi, which should see the light of day sometime in 2012. Look for us in a special cameo.


Our drummer Luke recently decided to dedicate all of his time to studying American religious fanaticism, which left us without a beat. Luckily we quickly found a replacement in Walter (known for his drums in Valser, and his acting in critically acclaimed movies like Fargo and The Big Lebowski).

Founder of the band and former male model Willem has decided to leave STARVE. We think he should start a new band, so hit him up if you are serious about that and live near Horst aan de Styx. His last show with us will be on the 27th of June.
After that, STARVE will continue as a four piece, but we will be keeping our eyes and ears open for a potential new guitarist. There are some demands that have to be met to be able to fill that position, and since we are looking for someone from the Netherlands the next part will be in Dutch.

Kortom: voorlopig gaat Starve verder als viermans formatie, maar we stellen ons open voor de toevoeging van een nieuwe gitarist. Hieraan is wel een aantal eisen verbonden:

- Woonachtig zijn in de randstad (onze oefenruimte is in Amsterdam)
- In het bezit zijn van degelijke eigen gear
- Bereid en gemotiveerd zijn om twee keer per week te oefenen
- Bij voorkeur in het bezit zijn van een rijbewijs en eigen vervoer
- Talent en motivatie hebben om leads te spelen

Wat wij kunnen bieden:

- Regelmatig optreden
- Opnames (twee releases in de pijpleiding)
- Tours

Onze muziek valt te beluisteren op:


Mocht je aan deze eisen voldoen en interesse hebben, stuur dan een mail naar ilovestarve@gmail.com

- JJ


donderdag 9 juni 2011

This monday: THOU / MOLOCH / STARVE

I first saw Moloch live in 2008 in Nottingham and was almost blown through the windows of the art gallery that they (and we) were playing at. It should be interesting to see them play a damp, dark cellar in Leiden.

Thou must be one of the most prolific sludge/doom bands around right now, releasing record after record and doing tour after tour. Very stoked to be playing with them twice.

This same line-up will be playing in Utrecht on the 27th of June, which will hopefully be the release show of our new 7".

- JJ

dinsdag 7 juni 2011


Decided to start a blog because it is easier to update with complete information than six million social networking sites. Our new 7" will hopefully be coming out at the end of this month.

Check out our upcoming shows to the right, and below that our music.

- JJ