dinsdag 28 juni 2011

7" pre-order / new shirts / upcoming shows

Last night, Willem played his last show with us. We thank him for the years of his life he has given us and that he will never get back. Moloch and Thou were amazing and managed to make both the ground and the ceiling shake. Check them out on one of the few shows left on this tour.


Unfortunately, our 7" has been delayed at the pressing plant. We already made some special covers for Willem's last show, so we turned that into a pre-order and have a few left. If you are interested in a copy, drop us a line at ilovestarve@gmail.com . Postage rates have been rising like crazy so it is €6 ppd Netherlands / €7.50 ppd Europe / $14 ppd worldwide. If you order this, we will e-mail you a download code for both songs on the record.


We have new shirts, based on the cover artwork of our upcoming 7", and expressing our love for 70s music, movies and Pam Grier. They are €12 ppd Netherlands / €14 ppd Europe / $23 ppd worldwide.


Check out the showlist to the right, we have five upcoming shows. However, we are always looking for more shows. In particular, we are looking for someone who can help out with two shows in Germany and/or Poland on the 8th and 9th of September. We are aiming for somewhere in the middle of Germany on the 8th, and somewhere either in the south of Germany or not too far into Poland for the 9th. Hit us up if you can help out.

- JJ

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