maandag 13 augustus 2012

Two hours of Eyehategod was amazing last night. My ears are still ringing. Thanks to everyone that showed up, banged their heads, bought our shit and talked to us in a drunken mix of English and German. Awesome Scheisse.

Next up, SCOTLAND!

As mentioned before we will be playing Incubate this year, on Sunday the 16th of September. We will have to do some meticulous planning and high-speed driving (unless someone has a spare flux capacitor that we can borrow) because on the same day we also have a tentative release show planned for the split with Terzij de Horde (The third time is a charm, hopefully...) at CRY ME A BADGER FEST.
Apart from Starve and Terzij de Horde, our labelmates Ortega will also be playing. The show will be headlined by the barbarian warriors of CONAN (UK)!

For us, there is no summer. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm.

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